Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Peyton Manning lost the Super Bowl on Sunday.  The Broncos looked like they couldn't catch a break or do anything right.  It was tough to watch.  In the end, the Hall-of-Fame quarterback was on the sideline with 8 points to show for that tremendous season that he had this year.  Peyton had lost.

But, he is still a better quarterback than me!

I saw this piece on the NFL's page, and now I need to rethink exactly what that first paragraph means.  He and his Broncos did lose, but he is far from a loser.

This man - who has grown into one of the greats of the game - is more than the outcome of one contest.  The Seahawks played a perfect game, and they won the Super Bowl for it.  However, there are more important games than this.

Football is something I played as a kid - on fields with other kids.  We ran around, fought and laughed, and dreamed; but none of us ended up professional sports stars.  Rather, we went into what some call the "real world," and we have careers here now.  One day, we will retire, and just like Peyton Manning, we will have that "dash" between our active years.

What does that dash mean to me?  It's what I am giving to God and to others.  But those dashes never stand alone, and this is what it seems Manning recognizes well.  So he rights notes of appreciation to his fellow footballers.

Are we as thoughtful of those with whom we collaborate?  Do we recognize their gifts to God and others?  If not, why don't we?  If Peyton manning can do it, so can I!

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