Friday, March 15, 2013

Ad Juvenes...

Pope Francis addressed the Cardinals today, recognizing their challenge - and their duty - to the Young Church:
Dear Brothers, be strong! Half of us are in old age: old age is - at least I like to say - the seat of wisdom. Old people have the wisdom of having walked the road of life, as the old man Simeon, the old woman  Anna at the Temple. And precisely because of that wisdom did they recognize Jesus. Let us give this wisdom to the young people: as good wine, which over the years becomes even better, we give young people the knowledge of life. I am reminded of what a German poet of old said: "Es ist ruhig, das Alter und fromm": ["Old age] is a time of peace and prayer." And so give this wisdom to young people. You will now return in your dioceses to continue your ministry, enriched by the experience of these days, so full of faith and of ecclesial communion. This unique and incomparable [experience], has allowed us to understand in depth the beauty of the Church, which is a reflection of the splendor of the Risen Christ: one day, may we look upon that beautiful face of the Risen Christ!

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