Wednesday, November 14, 2012

"It's Thanksgiving" - Really? I Hadn't Noticed

So, this has happened:

I suppose this is the new "Friday," and while I don't begrudge teenagers their God-given right to record themselves and throw it up on YouTube, I think this should be addressed.

Thanksgiving, rather than being an occasion to shovel "the turkey [eh!] mashed potatoes [eh!]" into our gobs, is a holiday that is specifically God-focused.  We are actually giving thanks to God; ergo the name Thanksgiving.  Others may choose to gather and simply enjoy one another's company on that day, but the whole reason for the holiday is to pause and give thanks.

In this sense, thanks is never something that we "have"; it is always something we "give."  And if we give it, then we must give it to some recipient.  Young Nicole is thanking "you, and you, and you...", and that is a wonderful thing.  However, she never says why she is thanking them - and why on this day in particular?

While Mr. Wilson seems to have a talent for creating vapid songs that celebrate glazed-over suburbia, it think that this sort of attitude expressed in this song reveals a numbness to exactly how we are blessed and why we actually give thanks.

So, as we enter into the holiday season, with family and friends gathering together in fellowship and, yes, faith, I pray that we always keep before us the blessings we have received; and, more importantly, the One who has blessed us.

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