Sunday, April 18, 2010

Starting Again

"It is the Lord!"

I should have known!
Our Friend;
My Friend.
How can I wait
for the boat to reach shore?
Splashing through the waves,
I reach Him.

We walk off a bit,
away from the others.
"Simon," He starts,
"do you love Me
more than these?"

I - uh - I do.
You know I love You."
"Then feed my lambs"

What next?

do you love Me?"
What does He want?
Surely He knows.
Do I have to say it?
You know I love You."
"Tend My lambs."

Now what?
He has taken me aside
for some great task.
His faithful companion,
who stood by Him -
except for...
Oh dear.

Once more,
do you love Me?"

Oh no.
How could I be so stupid?
Three times?
This is my doing,
my sin,
my failure.

But His smile
says more.
It speaks to me
of forgiveness
and love -
love that He has shown us all.

You know all things.
You know that I love You."
I understand now.

"Feed my sheep."

He had to talk to me.
He had to,
because I

And now,
"Follow me."

Ah, yes!
It begins anew!

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