Tuesday, July 7, 2009

At Long Last

Today, the pope's new encyclical comes out - Caritas in Veritate ("Love in Truth"). The USCCB's media blog has a good prep for it - for those with the time to devour all of it! CinV comes at the end of a long line of very heavy social encyclicals over the past 120 years - Leo XIII's Rerum Novarum, Pius XI's Quadrigesimo Anno, John XXIII's Pacem in Terris, Paul VI's Populorum Progressio (which B16's present offering is supposed to reflect), and JPII's Solicitudo Rei Socialis.

I go on vacation at the end of the week - so I'll have time to digest this one. I hope to bring out relevant points (in my way) as I read. So, stay tuned!

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Thom Curnutte said...

I look forward to it, Father, as I doubt I will have the time this week to read it fully. I don't trust every interpretation, but I do yours.